The videogame is online and ready to be played! The third output of the Compete! project, developed by UNIR, is based on the outcomes of previous research. The game is designed to encourage the development of soft skills of students and graduates in order to improve their employability prospects.

The COMPETE! serious game provides an artificial view of the real world, where the environment and associated tasks are metaphorically authentic in order to evoke real-world experiences. The player, in the role of a project manager working on an island, has the task of helping the local government to develop the island’s economy in a sustainable way and to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. The player will then be confronted with different dilemmas, each time choosing the best solution among those proposed. The choices made will be used to assess the participant’s soft skills.

Seriuos game plays an important role in transforming education thanks to their ability to create realistic simulations of real-life situations. By participating in those simulations, young people can build or improve soft skills. To be precise, the COMPETE! serious game will test the following competencies: creative problem solving, effective communication, stress management and teamwork. The game can be used as a training support or as a support for skills assessment.

UNIR also developed a specific manual for the use of the game. This manual will be part of a comprehensive training package, thet will be soon available.

In the coming weeks project partners will launch training pilots to test the game and the training package.

Play the videogame: