• 2020


    Output 1: Research on soft skills for employability

    Project partners will find out more about skills needs, priorities of employers, but also about expectations of young people and their experiences when it comes to the acquisition of soft skills. This will be done through desk research, a survey on self-awareness concerning soft skills among young people and a survey/interviews among employers and unions.

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  • 2020

    Output 2: Study on gamification and serious gaming for education and training

    Partners will explore already existing serious games, their characteristics and effectiveness, but also at the educational methodologies used. In a second step, this analysis will be crossed with the results of the previous research phase (O1) on expectations of employers and students. This process should allow project partners to identify the most suitable interface and the most effective educational methodology for the game.

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  • 2022


    Output 3: Videogame

    Based on the outcomes of the preceding work packages, COMPETE partner UNIR developed the COMPETE serious game which is currently being tested in different partner countries. It has the objective to contribute – together with other learning activities proposed in the upcoming training package (IO 4) – to the promotion of the key competencies selected in the first part of the COMPETE project (creative problem-solving, effective communication, stress management and teamwork).

    The online game is based on an experiential learning approach. It contains two essential components of a serious game – storytelling and the use of metaphor.

    Players are given the opportunity to assume roles that may be inaccessible in the real world, to observe and take decisions. This process is supposed to stimulate reflection which should, in turn, enable the learner to draw conclusions and think about how this newly acquired knowledge could be applied in other scenarios.

    The game is available in English (original language), Danish, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian and Spanish

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  • 2022

    Output 4: COMPETE! Toolkit

    A game manual for professors, teachers and trainers providing guidance on the use of the game in classrooms/courses will be developed.

    In addition, the project partnership will compile and test a training package including the game, but also other didactic materials which demonstrate the importance of soft skills for the labour market and facilitate their acquisition by students.

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