Is it possible to improve soft skills through a serious game? What can we learn from already existing serious games and related learning methodologies? Which education and training methodologies can be part of an online learning – and gaming – process and how should they be integrated together with other game features?

COMPETE partners SCS and UNIR analysed these questions and summarised results of their research in a new COMPETE working paper.

The research team carried out desk research based on (case) studies regarding existing serious game experiences and platforms (approximately 100), such as Orient, Sim Venture, Merchants or Let’s Team!. Referring to more than 100 scientific papers and 52 case studies, researchers analysed and compared different (online) education&training methodologies to identify those most fit to be applied in the framework of a serious game aimed to stimulate the improvement of soft skills. Game characteristics discussed included, for example, aspects such as immersivity or factors shaping game dynamics, among them trial&error, interaction/communication, curiosity and surprise, cooperation vs. competition, etc.

Results of this analysis then led researchers to formulate a set of recommendations for the design of a COMPETE serious game that would effectively respond to learning needs while also being able to attract and entertain graduates and students.

This work follows a research phase on skills gaps, which included a survey among employers and students as well as interviews with the former. You will find the research report here.

Drawing on the results of both research phases, as well as on discussions within the wider COMPETE project consortium, partners have now started to design the serious game.


Working Paper 2