COMPETE! Toolkit /Training package and game guide has been completed. This output is the result of the elaboration of a training package integrating the COMPETE! game and of the results obtained from the first two outputs produced by the consortium, namely IO1 – COMPETE! Working paper and IO2 – COMPETE! Learning is a serious game.

The training package, as said, is the general framework in which the game is embedded and where it plays a key role, together with other didactical materials and approaches.

COMPETE! toolkit wishes to bring an impact for teachers / trainers providing them with open and innovative resources to approach the issues of soft skills in the classroom, offering a true perspective of what the expected labor market is, but also aimed at intercepting interest of students and graduates on these specific skills that can facilitate their entry into the job market.

Training in soft skills can be extremely effective to improve them because, although everyone has his own peculiarities, they are very trainable characteristics and therefore everyone can develop skills that are far from his or her comfort zone.

This is why the consortium decided to structure the Toolkit, to raise awareness also in the training and educational ecosystem on the matter, offering a methodology that can easily be applied to different training contexts and with different target groups, aside those originally foreseen by the project itself.

COMPETE! Toolkit and COMPETE! Game pilots are running at local level – Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Denmark, Belgium. Stay tuned to find out the outcomes!